Printo H3+ Wifi

Octoprint - firmware update

To update firmware in Printo H3+ printers via WiFi follow the instructions below.

I. Connect to Octoprint administrative panel

Log in to the Printo H3 printer web panel by entering the following address in the browser window:

In Octoprint administrative panel log in to this account:
Login: printo3d
Password: printo3d

II. Set USB port

Before moving to the next part, set USB port on the left side of Octoprint panel by selecting the port as illustrated.

II. Enter the settings

In the Octoprint panel, on the right-upper side click on the key icon to open settings.

On the left side pick: Firmware Update.

III. Check settings

To install firmware correctly, check if your settings are consistent with the illustration. 

IV. Pick the file

In the selection field Hex file: select *.hex file (Marlin.ino.hex) with new firmware.

Plik z oprogramowaniem można znaleźć tutaj:
The Firmware fila can bo found here  Firmware – Download

V. Flash firmware

Click Flash firmware and wait until the uploading process comes to an end. During the update printer will stop working until the process is finished. 

VI. Default settings

After completing the steps in this guide, some printer settings will be reset.

Before re-print, do the following:

Data stored in the statistics remain intact.

If the procedure described above does not work properly, configure the connection to the printer first based on topology 2 from the following guide: